Plants for summer sun and winter shade

A difficult place in the garden to plant out and have great success is on the southern side of a building. An area that is shady in winter and sunny in summer is quite open apart from the building which cast shade in winter but is hot and sunny in summer as the sun rises in the sky. This can be rectified by planting trees adjacent to this area so it is shady all year round, then you can plant the area out with shade loving plants.  Alternatively this area can be planted out with deciduous plants as they don’t need any sun in winter. However if these two options don’t suit there are a few plants that will do quite well with full winter shade and hot summer sun. Suitable plants are limited but some good ones are, Dianella revolta, Azaleas, Dietes, Nandina domestica ‘nana’, Yucca,  Agapanthus and Abelia.

Winter flowering plants

With the colder and wetter weather in Melbourne most people tend to spend more time indoors but there are a few natives and exotics outdoors and on show in winter. Many Australian native plants and exotics are in flower during winter and there are hundreds to choose from to brighten up your garden. There are Grevilleas, Croweas, Callistemons, Correas, Phillotheca, Eremophila, Camellia japonica, Hellebores, Anemone, Proteas, Magnolias, Alyogyne and Eucalyptus.









Winter garden advice

Bare-rooted trees are available in June. If you have ever wanted fruit trees or a beautiful feature tree, now is the best time to buy them if you are on a budget, they are at least half the normal retail price. When you are selecting a tree look for a good shape and make sure the roots are moist and that there is no root damage.

Fruit trees can be pruned in July and remember to give them a spray of lime sulphur at bud swell to reduce the chance of fungal disease.
Its a great time to plant out your garden devide perennials and mulch.