Preparing a land managment plan for Nillumbik

Most builders, owner builders and developers will know that as part of lodging a planning permit to council for a house, you will need to submit a planting plan, plantlist and may require a site visit by a qualified horticulturalist to identify existing trees and vegetation. Within the Nillumbik shire you will need a land management plan as most of the shire is in Melbourne’s green wedge and most land has an enviromental overlay.
The land management plan should detail long term land managment objectives of the entire property such as mapping areas of remnant vegitation, a long term weed management plan and a revegitation plan.

You will need in a report format, plans for
weed control identifying the type, percentage, and control method for noxious and enviromental weeds.
Native vegetation You will need a detailed assesment of ecological vegitation communities and significant flora, its location and condition and proposed management. Any revegitation works will require species botanical names and quantities.
Waterways and wetlands need to be identified with managment plans proposed.
Erosion problems need to be identified and addressed and resolved.