Garden advice Melbourne


A home garden consultation is for anyone who needs professional garden advice , whether it’s looking after an existing garden or planning a new one. Qualified horticulturalist Angela Carstairs meets with you at your home or construction site to discuss any garden questions you may have in regards to design, plant selection, health,  pest and weed control etc. After being in the retail nursery industry for many years I have learnt that the only way to accurately asses someone’s garden or plant problems is by personally seeing the garden myself. Just as a doctor can give a better assessment when he sees the patient himself.

Garden consultations are a minimum of 1 hour and general take one or two hours. During your consultation I will walk around and discus your garden needs with you. You can take notes if you like or I can draw up your garden with plant placement and plant names. At the end of your consultation you will have a clear picture of how to proceed with your garden or a plan of your garden with plants and plant names so you can confidently complete your garden yourself or we can recommend a qualified and reliable horticulturalist to do the work for you.

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Garden design Melbourne

Angela can design a brand new garden for you or redesign an existing one, using design principles when drawing a concept sketch for your garden. These principles add to the overall success of a good garden design. There are a few principles that can be used to make a small garden seem larger. Paths on the longest diagonal draw the eye along a longer distance increasing the apparent size. Warm colours are advancing colours and make things seem closer so they should be avoided at the back of the garden. Use plants to make the fence line unclear but not too much taller than the fence so you can benefit from the borrowed landscape in the distance. You can increase the apparent size of a garden by arranging plants and features so that you can’t see the garden all at once. There are many skills a garden designer offers other than the knowledge of design princeples such as plant, soil and climate knowledge, the different products and materials available, problem solving and more. All of these things and more will result in an overall good garden design.

Ferntree gully Landscaping

This client had planted out there garden with a selection of plants that they liked but they weren’t suited to the conditions and they all died. So with our expertise we were able to show them a selection of plants that would grow in their garden so they could choose the ones they liked. The Plantwise team then planted and mulched the garden beds all the client needed to do was enjoy his new garden that has survived this time.