Landscaping Diamond creek


We met with this client before the house construction began. He wanted a low maintenance garden that would thrive in a Melbourne climate. Meeting before construction began means that the garden beds were decided early and the builders were more thoughtful in protecting areas that would eventually planted into. The client was also advised to run a small pipe under the driveway for future access which he thought was a great idea.






ST Helena Landscaping

This clients garden was overun by weeds with only a few plants so Plantwise weeded planted out the garden and mulched. We also removed a few small trees and shrubs including an old unproductive fruit tree that was remove and replaced with a lemon tree. We also built a vegetable garden nearby with improved soil, manure then mulched with sugarcane ready for the client to plant into.    Before and after photos below,








Ferntree gully Landscaping

This client had planted out there garden with a selection of plants that they liked but they weren’t suited to the conditions and they all died. So with our expertise we were able to show them a selection of plants that would grow in their garden so they could choose the ones they liked. The Plantwise team then planted and mulched the garden beds all the client needed to do was enjoy his new garden that has survived this time.




Kangaroo Ground Pre-School

Kangaroo Ground Pre-School was a new building with no garden that was exposed to strong winds and hot sun. Angela created a garden that inspires the imagination and inhances the play and outdoor experiance of the many children that will enjoy the garden as it grows over the years. With trees for shade, plantings to create a screen from the wind, a teepee for hiding, a bridge over a dry creek bed to fish from, a fairy garden with resident fairies, vegetables growing to learn how a little care has its rewards and plantings that stimulate the sences while creating shelter for the children and local wildlife.
Angela also spent time with the students of Kangaroo Ground primay school building a frog bog in an area that was not used because it was so wet, now it supports local bio-diversity as a frog bog.

Kangaroo Ground Landscaping

These client had renovated their home and needed a garden renovation around their home. Plantwise selected supplied and planted plants to complement a country style garden, that were drought tolerant, could grow in poor soil and be low maintenance. A large area was seeded to create a functional, and appealing lawn area for the family to kick a footy on or play a game of Cricket.

Craigeburn Landscaping

These clients had planted a few different plants to suit their tropical theme with no success. Many plants were dying or dead and weeds had taken over the garden beds. Plantwise was able to give them a better plant selection that would not only survive but thrive and also make you feel like you were in a tropical paradise. Plantwise carried out the works improving the soil, supplying and planting the plants and mulching all of the garden beds.

IMG_0145 (2)


Garden design and landscaping is about shaping and organising space, much like architecture. Landscaping covers many different elements beginning with the site assessment and understanding the sites soil, climate, use of space, need for soil retaining, shelter, food production through to plant selection. With all the different disciplines it is one of the most complex art forms. Whether you are landscaping from scratch or revamping your garden we can help take you logically through the different stages of planning a garden. When designing a garden we see the site clearly and analyze the value of what is seen identifying good and bad and being able to utilize elements or conceal them depending on the client’s needs. Because gardens are used by plants and people, we make sure the landscaping will be appropriate for both. Landscaping in a garden depends on the time the owners can spend maintaining it and the budget they can spend on it. When all of these aspects are understood the design process can begin and the landscaping will be a smooth process.

Plant selection is a very important part of your garden. Landscapers get it wrong far too often. As a horticulturalist I can help you get your plant selection right at the beginning.