What is a Horticulturalist?

A horticulturalist is a person that is tafe or university qualified in the art, science, technology and business of plant cultivation.

  • A horticulturalist is trained in the art of good garden design and landscape drawing.
  • A horticulturalist has studied plant science and has researched and conducted experiments on the culture of plants to asses the effects of different environmental factors on plants such as climate, soil conditions, pest and disease etc.
  • A horticulturalist can identify and solve pest, disease and health problems associated with plants.
  • A horticulturalist works in the landscaping industry advising, designing, building and maintaining  residential, commercial and public gardens.
  • A horticulturalist is qualified in the cultivation of edibles such as fruits, vegetables and herbs and in the cultivation of ornamentals such as grasses, shrubs and trees.