Landscaping Diamond creek


We met with this client before the house construction began. He wanted a low maintenance garden that would thrive in a Melbourne climate. Meeting before construction began means that the garden beds were decided early and the builders were more thoughtful in protecting areas that would eventually planted into. The client was also advised to run a small pipe under the driveway for future access which he thought was a great idea.






ST Helena Landscaping

This clients garden was overun by weeds with only a few plants so Plantwise weeded planted out the garden and mulched. We also removed a few small trees and shrubs including an old unproductive fruit tree that was remove and replaced with a lemon tree. We also built a vegetable garden nearby with improved soil, manure then mulched with sugarcane ready for the client to plant into.    Before and after photos below,








Ferntree gully Landscaping

This client had planted out there garden with a selection of plants that they liked but they weren’t suited to the conditions and they all died. So with our expertise we were able to show them a selection of plants that would grow in their garden so they could choose the ones they liked. The Plantwise team then planted and mulched the garden beds all the client needed to do was enjoy his new garden that has survived this time.




Beverage New Lawn

These clients had recently built a new home on a site that is black volcanic clay which is a very hard surface but full of the nutrients that plants need. These nutrients are unavailable to plants as it is just too hard for the roots to penetrate. To remedy this we added gypsum and plenty of organic matter, (a soil and compost mix) to break up the clay. Once we leveled the area we laid Santa Anna couch which is a beautiful fine leaf which is thick and soft just like a rug you would buy for the lounge room floor. Santa Anna also has the benefits of being drought tolerant, hard wearing and much less invasive than Kikuya.