Wasp like insects

I’ve had many people asking about Hoverflys this season as there are many around Melbourne gardens at the moment. They are a beneficial insect as they lay their eggs on plants which are suffering from aphid attack. When they hatch they feed on the aphids. They are harmless to people so enjoy the benefit of having them around.     



September is the first month of Spring in Australia and you are sure to find Aphids on your Roses. These small green sap suckers on your roses are easy to control with a horticultural spray so your roses can stay healthy and bloom from Spring to Autumn. Spray plants at the first sign of Aphids in early Spring with Pyrethrum, horticultural oil or Natures way bug gun.

Did you know that when a baby Aphid is born it already has babies growing inside it, so the mother also carries her grandchildren.

Aphids may be the only insects that can photosynthesize

Spring mulching

October in Melbourne is a great time to mulch those garden beds to trap in the winter and spring rain.  Fertilize plants to replace all the energy they have used with spring flowering then mulch the day after we have had a decent rainfall, spreading out blood and bone first to stop nitrogen draw down.  Mulch between 7 and 10 cm deep and keep mulch away from plant trunks to avoid collar rot.