Preparing a land managment plan for Nillumbik

Most builders, owner builders and developers will know that as part of lodging a planning permit to council for a house, you will need to submit a planting plan, plantlist and may require a site visit by a qualified horticulturalist to identify existing trees and vegetation. Within the Nillumbik shire you will need a land management plan as most of the shire is in Melbourne’s green wedge and most land has an enviromental overlay.
The land management plan should detail long term land managment objectives of the entire property such as mapping areas of remnant vegitation, a long term weed management plan and a revegitation plan.

You will need in a report format, plans for
weed control identifying the type, percentage, and control method for noxious and enviromental weeds.
Native vegetation You will need a detailed assesment of ecological vegitation communities and significant flora, its location and condition and proposed management. Any revegitation works will require species botanical names and quantities.
Waterways and wetlands need to be identified with managment plans proposed.
Erosion problems need to be identified and addressed and resolved.

Kangaroo Ground Bushfires

With all the bushfires in Kangaroo Ground recently, it’s time for you to protect your property and your wonderful garden which most insurance policies don’t cover.

If you have an iphone install the following apps from the iStore

#1 “CFA Fire Ready” (free) – get it on the iStore hereget it on android/google

This will allow you to set up alerts when fire is within a radius of your house. You can also monitor fires visually on a map which also will locate where you are. You can read all about the CFA alerts and get good information about fire restrictions. There is some setup you should make sure you do.

** enable push notifications and location services
** click on zones
** click on add zone
** click use your current location
** update the radius to whatever you want (default is 5K)
** click add zone and you will now get alerts.

Under settings you should test the alert notifications (simple button press) to make sure it’s working.

Note: you can change you alert style for any app. I prefer ALERTS not banners. Settings, General, Notifications and then configure each app accordingly.

#2 “5-0 Police Radio” – scanner (free) – get it on the iStore hereget it on android/google

This will allow you to listen into the CFA discussions. The CFA app is a good warning, then switch to the scanner to get all the updates – near real time. The CFA app does wait for status updates to be confirmed so there can be reasonable delays in getting updates. On total fire ban days I run this all day. Doesn’t chew up too much of your internet quota – but keep watch if you don’t have much quota or are on your mobile.

To get the CFA scanner feed for kangaroo ground area do the following:

** Browser Scanner Feeds
** Australia
** Victoria
** press the Top Cities button
** select CFA District 14 – Victoria
** then add this as a favorite (top right corner)

#3 “Vic Fires” – costs 99 cents get it on the iStore here

Similar to CFA Fire Ready – but no alerts, but I like this better to see the maps and read alert data than CFA Fire Ready app. This is just my preference and at 99 cents it more than worth it. Also sometimes the CFA app can be flooded with traffic. Vic fires makes a good backup app.


Do you run a local fireguard? Need to keep in touch?

#1 “groups” – bulk SMS app (free) – get it on the iStore here

Create a fireguard group on your iPhone and send a bulk SMS to all your “fireguard” contacts. Also very easy to send bulk email through this app as well. An excellent one-way communication tool.

#2 “groupme” – free chat program for groups – get it on the iStore hereget it on android/google

which works the same as SMS except via the internet, and better still people can reply to everyone – something you cannot do with bulk SMS which is one way traffic.
** you do need to register to use this, but its worth it.
** you do need to enable push notifications for this to work
** you should set your notifications up to be “Alerts” not banners (settings, general, notifications, groupme)
** this should be a second means of update to discuss a SMS alert
** create a group for your fireguard (if you are not already part of one) and invite everyone to it.


Android / Google phone / windows smartphones and blackberries all will have similar apps – find them and use them.


Good luck with fires and I hope your property stays safe.