Garden design and landscaping is about shaping and organising space, much like architecture. Landscaping covers many different elements beginning with the site assessment and understanding the sites soil, climate, use of space, need for soil retaining, shelter, food production through to plant selection. With all the different disciplines it is one of the most complex art forms. Whether you are landscaping from scratch or revamping your garden we can help take you logically through the different stages of planning a garden. When designing a garden we see the site clearly and analyze the value of what is seen identifying good and bad and being able to utilize elements or conceal them depending on the client’s needs. Because gardens are used by plants and people, we make sure the landscaping will be appropriate for both. Landscaping in a garden depends on the time the owners can spend maintaining it and the budget they can spend on it. When all of these aspects are understood the design process can begin and the landscaping will be a smooth process.

Plant selection is a very important part of your garden. Landscapers get it wrong far too often. As a horticulturalist I can help you get your plant selection right at the beginning.