Phosphorus sensitive natives

Australian native plants are phosphorus sensitive. Most fertilizers contain phosphorus so it is important to purchase a fertilizer that doesn’t contain phosphorus. Australian soils are deficient in Phosphorus so plants have evolved so they don’t need it or take it up. The problem is that phosphorus binds to iron, therefore because the plant won’t take up the phosphorus it misses out on the iron, therefore the plant becomes deficient in iron which will eventually lead to its death.


Native gardens

Angela gives practical advice, taking inspiration from the beauty that lies in the flora and fauna of south eastern Victoria. “From my studies and experience, I have learnt that the relationship between most Australian fauna and flora is one of remarkable interdependence”. There is evidence of fauna losses due to land clearing of native vegetation for the purpose of urban development. Specialists have done many studies on the relationship between native flora and fauna and the garden and nursery industry have recognized the importance of planting natives for our fauna and now have marketing strategies to encourage indigenous planting. Native and indigenous plants have evolved and survived for thousands of years with no one to water, feed or prune them this was done by natural rainfall leaf litter and grazing wildlife which makes them good reliable low maintenance plants.